Video: How to use Silhouette Cameo for Quilting

I’ve owned a Silhouette Cameo machine ever since they first came out. Love the thing – I never have to buy meaningless birthday card at the store ever again!

Recently, I’ve been teaching Sylvia (aka “Mimi”), my kids’ grandma & my MIL how to use the Cameo – I gifted her a machine to share with her friend, Judy.

Actually, Silhouette gifted me a Cameo to review on Steamy Kitchen, and I re-gifted it to Mimi.

Anyways, Mimi is a computer newbie and asked for some videos to show her how to use it step by step.

There are 3 videos – but I really go into detail!

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  1. Monica Eggleton says:

    Way to go Jaden! Love your starting quilt. The details and line by line order to progress with putting the quilt together. I’m glad you made this decision. I’ll enjoy both your blogs. Keep up the wonderful work that is what makes you so special.

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