Sewing Machine Cover


Sylvia, my mother-in-law (well, actually, we all call her Mimi, because that’s what the kids call her), made this sewing machine cover for her Bernina baby that we bought for her this Christmas.

The Bernina stays here at our house (she’s got her own Bernina in Buffalo) and it’s to enticebribe, encourage her to stay longer during her visits to Florida. Just kidding, she loves visiting.

We looked online for a pattern, and found this lovely one from Bloom.


Original from Bloom $8.50 pattern

It’s got so many little details, including the buttons on the side, decorative stitching, piping trim and measuring tape fabric.


I love the linen – Roslyn of Bloom was right when she said, “ANYTHING + LINEN = SUCCESS”! I used some leftover fabric from a charm pack (I don’t remember the name of the fabric) and these were the perfect complement to the linen.

We bought the twill measuring tape from Cotton Patch in Sarasota – just give them a call and I’m sure they’ll sell you some!

I wasn’t crazy about the original stitching font on the pattern – so Mimi just hand-lettered “stitch” with an air-marker and embroidered over it. I like the cursive-y look better!



Bloom also has created a PDF pattern for other accessories that accompany the sewing machine cover for $8.50:



Our only tip is to give yourself plenty of seam allowance (I would suggest 1/2″) if you’re using linen. The linen weave is loose and difficult to keep together while sewing the piping in the curved area.

We also didn’t use interfacing that the pattern called for. We used canvas duck cloth (you can find that at JoAnn’s right next to the outdoor fabrics). It’s just a sturdy, yet flexible, medium thickness canvas that helped the cover keep its shape. It was the perfect thickness and provided “cloth” texture instead of “interafacing” texture. Actually I’m not a fan of stiff interfacing — it creases, crackles and crunches.  I hope you understand what I mean!


  1. cindi says:

    That is adorable! i am a new quilter/sewer and I love looking at things I’d love to make one day!

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