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A couple of months ago at the Sarasota Modern Quilt Guild meeting, I got to meet Elizabeth Dackson of Don’t Call Me Betsy. She was teaching a class on free motion quilting on our regular ol’ machines. Our class got cut short by a miscommunication/mis-scheduling, which was totally fine by me – those white gloves with tacky fingertips were starting to make my hands sweat.

Someone needs to invent some kind of hand lotion that transforms your normal human hands to Spidey-hands….tacky enough to move fabric around for quilting!

I joined Elizabeth’s  Lucky Stars BOM Club 2014 - a deal at $15 for the entire program.

Lucky_Stars_2014_-_DCMB_solids Lucky_Stars_2014_-_solids


We’re 4 months in and I love paper piecing! I bought 20 (1-yard) cuts of a fabric line that was bright, bold and dotty.


I’m really having fun playing with value, color and creating dimension. Does my star look like it’s kinda comin’ out at ya? A little bit!? LOL! I haven’t strayed too far away from Elizabeth’s original designs and color suggestions…..though I’m a little worried about that bright white. Since I’m intending to use all the quilts that I make (and the fact that quilts, cuddlies and blankies are my boys’ favorite things in the world….oh and the dogs love them too) I don’t know how I’m going to keep the white WHITE.




I’m a big fan of Craftsy, being a proud owner of 57 – yes, that’s FIFTEEEEE-SEVEN classes, majority of them in fiber arts. Actually, ALL Of them in fiber arts between knitting, weaving, spinning, quilting, sewing.

On Craftsy, I’ve been playing around with the pattern market – sort of like etsy/ravelry for sewing. There are a ton of free patterns! I found this free paper pieced house pattern just a few days ago and created a house for a witddle puppy and bunny wabbit.

The background is a stripey batik in light blue and grey. I wasn’t thinking at first and placed the fabric so that the stripes were going vertically….but then it looked all sad, like it was raining fat streaks on the house. So I had to re-do it. Now it looks like the house is being attacked by a flock an army of mad snakes.


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