The longarm has arrived!

Little did I know that when we bought this property, the cottage at the back of the house would be a perfect QUILTING COTTAGE.  For the past 2 1/2 years we’ve lived here, the cottage remained empty most of the year, only getting used when guests came to stay with us.

Well, guests no more! There’s a very nice hotel a few miles away! Just kidding – I’m only doing a hostile takeover of the living room and dining area. And the bedroom closet. And the bar area. And maybe under the bed too.

Last week, my brand new Handi Quilter Fusion arrived! The floor model that I looked at was an Avante, which is 18″. This Fusion is a whopping 24″ machine (throat space) and spans 12 feet across.

I didn’t realize how massive this machine was. It pretty much takes up the entire wall. We had to remove the large “L” shaped bar in the cottage to be able to fit the longarm in. Errrrr….my husband removed it with a crowbar, sledgehammer and a lot of sweat.

No more bar:


Technician from Tops Vacuum and Sewing came to set it all up for me.


I got such a great deal on the machine from Tops. Actually, I bought my Juki 2010q from them too – much less than any other place online or offline. They are local to me, but you can give owner Greg a call and tell them that “Jaden said you’d give me the best price” which is WAY BETTER than the price they have advertised on their website. Just call ‘em.

The Handi Quilter Fusion + Pro Stitcher was $thousands less than what anyone else was selling them for. So yes, it’s worth a phone call to Greg!

But now I have a dilemma. What the heck am I going to do with a longarm other than quilt my own quilts?


I’m not interested in starting a longarm business as Steamy Kitchen keeps me busy enough.



I’ve only had time to play a few minutes on the machine – it’s quite intimidating and I’ve not yet watched the DVDs or read any of the instructions.

There are too many buttons.


Tops arranged to have award-winning quilter, Pat Alderman to come to my house next week to give me hands-on lessons. I’m patient (and intimidated) enough to just sit tight and wait. Wouldn’t want to break anything!!!

From the Handi Quilter, I have a wonderful, peaceful view of our little pond and of Scott’s greenhouse.


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  1. laura says:

    OH wow that is huge!! I know you will learn how to use it very quickly. Everything you touch you seem to pick it up like nothing at all. I am so happy for you. When can I come over and ‘play”? hugs

  2. Nita says:

    Oh my goodness, I just started following you on your food blog, and now I find that you are also a quilter and knitter…so am I! I am tickled pink about this for no particular reason. It just made my morning. So nice to meet you :) i hope you enjoy your long arm. Have a marvelous day!

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